Business loans – Overview of where you can apply

Business loans are widely used by the country’s companies that need liquidity or money to invest.

There are many benefits to making a business loan. You get more financial room for maneuver, which gives the company the opportunity to make the right decisions without compromising. It can also open up for you to make investments in new activities or projects.

It’s just not always easy to find the right provider, or to have its application approved. We therefore look closely at the possibilities here.

Who offers business loans?

There are a lot of business loan providers and most of them are banks. Many of the online loan providers do most in private loans and therefore cannot help you as a company.

If you are unsure of where to start your search, then you can get an overview below. Here we have made a good overview of many of the leading providers of corporate loans in the market.

You will notice it’s primarily banks and they will definitely be able to offer you the best terms and rates.

Online provider Gandalf is included as one of the few from the web. They have a reasonable interest rate level and then they can lend you up to DKK 350,000. It is free and non-binding to apply with them.

So they can be a useful alternative if the bank says no.

Latest news

It has been difficult to make a loan as a company for almost many years, especially during the financial crisis, where it was very uphill. The banks were very strict in their claims, making it virtually impossible.

Recently, access to various banks has become easier. More and more banks are focusing on a local presence, where one will be able to handle corporate customers in the best possible way.

Best example is Gandalf, which in the autumn of 2013 has increased the number of creditors in the local branches. If you have had a hard time working with your bank, there may be better opportunities ahead.

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